Supervised Students

Graduate students and Postdocs that have worked with Nantel Bergeron

Graduate Students (this contains more information than the Mathematics Genealogy Project )

  • Sara Billey (UCSD 1990-94) doctoral student under A. Garsia and M. Haiman; An Abstract Definition of Schubert Polynomials. Adriano Garsia asked me to act as her advisor during her residency in Boston (1991-93), I suggested to work on Schubert polynomials.
  • Monica Vazirani (Harvard 1992-93) master's thesis; A new hyperoctahedral Descent Algebra.
  • Harry L. Wolfgang (Harvard 1992-93): master's thesis, On Hochschild Homology. A portion of his Ph. D. Thesis at MIT (1994-97) is based on more work we did together.
  • T. K. Quang (York 1995-96) master's thesis; Operads in Some Symmetric Monoidal Categories.
  • Geanina Tudose (York 1998-2001) doctoral student; On the Combinatorial of sl(n)-Fusion Algebra.
  • J. C. Aval (U. de Bordeaux 1999-2001) doctoral student under Laurent Habsieger. Co-supervised thesis research; La conjecture n!
  • Stefane Mykytiuk (York 1995-2002) doctoral student; Hopf subalgebras of quasi-symmetric functions.
  • Ziting Zeng (York 2003-06) doctoral student cosupervised with Y. Gao; Free Fields and Hermitian representations of the extended Affine Lie algebra of type A.
  • Huilan Li (York 2003-07) doctoral student; Algebraic Structures on Grothendieck Groups of a Tower of Algebras.
  • Mihai Beligan (York 2001-07) doctoral student; Insertion for Tableaux of Transpositions; A Generalization of Schensteds Algorithm.
  • Holly Heglin (York 2007-09) master's thesis; Asymptotic behavior of the Plancherel measure of the symmetric group and the Hecke algebra at q=0.
  • Philippe Choquette (York 2004-10) doctoral student; Species of type B and Related Graded Hopf algebras.
  • Zhi Chen (York 2008-2011) doctoral student; Basis for Diagonally Alternating Harmonic Polynomials of low Degree.
  • Carolina Benedetti (York 2009-13) doctoral student; Combinatorial Hopf Algebras of Supercharacters of Lie Type D.
  • Farid Aliniaiefard (York 2013-17) doctoral student; Normal supercharacter theories .


  • Stephanie van Willigenburg (York 1997-2000) Algebraic Combinatorics. [Leverhulme trust (England)]
  • Mike Zabrocki (York 2000-02) Algebraic Combinatorics.
  • Hugh Thomas (Fields/York 2002-04) Algebraic Combinatorics.
  • Ana Duff (York 2002-04) Algebra. [NSERC postdoc]
  • Sindi Sabourin (York 2003-05) Algebraic Geometry.
  • Marni Mishna (Fields 2004-05) Combinatorics.
  • Mercedes Rosas (York 2004-05) Algebraic Combinatorics.
  • Christophe Hohlweg (York/Fields 2004-07) Algebra.
  • Alejandra Premat (York 2002-04, 2005-08) Algebra.
  • Francois Descouens (York/Fields 2007-09) Algebraic Combinatorics.
  • Muge Taskin (York/Fields 2006-08) Algebra.
  • Mohsen Emami-Razavi (York 2007-08) Physics.
  • Janvier Nzeutchap (York/Fields 2008-09) Combinatorics.
  • Sandeep Bhargava (Fields 2010-11) Algebra.
  • Franco Saliola (York/Fields 2009-10) Algebraic Combinatorics.
  • Chris Berg (York/Fields 2010-11) Algebraic Combinatorics.
  • Tom Denton (York/Fields 2011-12, 2013-14, Algebraic Combinatorics. [Fulbright U.S. Scholar 2012-13].
  • Juana Sanchez Ortega (Fields 2012-2013) Algebra.
  • Cesar Ceballos (York 2013-2014) Discrete Geometry. [Banting Scholar]